Ken 810W Rotary Hammer Drill

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Product: Ken 810W Rotary Hammer Drill
Brand : KEN
Model: 2526GER

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Product: Ken 810W Rotary Hammer Drill
Brand : KEN
Model: 2526GER

Ken 2526GER 26mm concrete drill is designed from high-quality materials, with a good heat-resistant motor. The machine’s outer shell design is made from durable and sturdy synthetic plastic. The product has a high capacity of 810W, no-load speed of 1200 rpm, stamping speed of up to 4000 rpm, drill diameter for concrete: 26mm, steel: 13mm, wood 30mm. The machine is compactly designed with a weight of 2.7kg, the machine has double insulation and is safe for users. Modern design and easy operation, the machine has a switch to adjust 2 convenient functions of regular drilling and hammer drilling.


  • Reversible rotation, soft start, double insulation, two mechanical speeds, torque tightening, storage box (suitcase).
  • Strong capacity, high no-load speed.
  • High operating productivity, easy to operate and control.
  • Scientific body design to create drilling operations with maximum capacity.
  • Plastic handle with well-insulated outer shell.
  • Easily combined with specialized drill bits.
  • Convenient to preserve and store.


  • Voltage: 220V~240V
  • Power: 810W
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Speed: Lrs 0-1200r/min Bpm 0-4000/min
  • Drill Capacity: Concrete-26mm, Steel-13mm, Wood-30m

Products include:

  • Carbon Brush.
  • Auxiliary handle.
  • Depth gauge.
  • Plastic suitcase.

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