CROWN 280W Electric Screwdriver

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Product : CROWN 280W Electric Screwdriver
Brand : Crown
Model : CT10113

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Product : CROWN 280W Electric Screwdriver
Brand : Crown
Model : CT10113

The CROWN CT10113 corded screwdriver is used for drilling holes, as well as for tightening threaded connections. If special accessories are available, stationary installation of the tool is possible. Easy change of equipment. The quick-release chuck makes it easy to replace accessories. Versatility. Adjustable speed ensures optimal performance with different materials. Optimal overview. The LED illuminates the work area when using the screwdriver in dimly lit areas.

Benefits of Crown CT10113 Torque control; Automatic spindle lock; The rubberized handle provides a secure grip; Reverse allows you to easily remove the drill from the material; Ventilation holes on the body of CROWN CT10113 protect the engine from overheating. Equipment Corded screwdriver; Package.


  • Type: network
  • Motor type: brushed
  • Number of revolutions rpm: 0-350/0-1400
  • Power, W: 280
  • Impact presence: no
  • Belt (magazine): no
  • Reverse presence: yes
  • Max torque: 22 nm
  • Hard. rotate torque: 22 Nm
  • Depth of cut (wood), mm: 20
  • Depth of cut (metal), mm: 10
  • Adjustment of rotation speed: yes
  • Number of speeds: 2
  • Type of chuck: quick-release
  • Clamping size, mm: 0.8-10
  • Spindle lock: yes
  • Availability of backlight : yes
  • Product weight, kg: 1.36

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