CROWN 20L All-purpose Vacuum Cleaners

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Product : CROWN 20L All-purpose Vacuum Cleaners
Brand : Crown
Model : CT42046

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Product : CROWN 20L All-purpose Vacuum Cleaners
Brand : Crown
Model : CT42046

Crown 1000 W CT42046 20Ltr Vacuum Cleaner also known as a hoover. It is an electronic household appliance. It is used for cleaning floors, carpets, and other surfaces by creating suction to remove dirt and debris. A typical vacuum cleaner consists of a motor that powers a fan, which generates suction. The powerful suction pulls air and dirt into a dustbin or bag. The dirt can be emptied or replaced when full. The vacuum cleaner may also have various attachments, such as brushes, crevice tools, and upholstery nozzles, to allow for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and on different surfaces.

The power of the motor determines the suction power and overall cleaning effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner. Some vacuum cleaners are designed to operate quietly, making them a good choice for use in apartments or other shared living spaces. Overall, vacuum cleaners are an essential tool for keeping homes and other indoor spaces clean and free of dust and debris.


  • Type of Product            Vacuum Cleaner
  • Voltage                           220-230 V
  • Power                             1000 W
  • Power Source                Corded Electric
  • Frequency                      50-60 Hz
  • Usage                              Professional
  • Unit of Measurement  Piece
  • Capacity                          20 L
  • Vacuity                            >16 kPa
  • Air flow rate                   1,7 m³/min
  • Weight                             5,4 kg


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