CROWN Wall Scanner CT44095

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Product: CROWN Wall Scanner
Brand: CROWN
Model: CT44095 TB

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CROWN Wall Scanner CT44095 can be configured to detect in walls: non-magnetic materials, ferrous metals, live cables, wood. The tool has a compact body. allowing you to carry it in your pocket.

Specification :

  • Battery type     Li-ion 300mAh
  • Max. deep measurament of ferrous metal     100 mm
  • Max. deep measurament of non-ferrous metal     80 mm
  • Max. deep measurament of copper wire (≥4 mm2)     40 mm
  • Max. deep measurament of wood     20mm /38mm
  • Humidity working range     :
  • -metal mode     0~85%RH
  • -on AC mode     0~30% RH
  • -foreign body mode     0~60% RH
  • Auto power off     5 min
  • Operating temperature range     -10 … +40 °C
  • Storage temperature range     -20… +60 °C
  • Weight     0,2 kg
  • Case

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