INGCO 450w Power Spray Gun

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Product: INGCO 450w Power Spray Gun
Brand: INGCO
Model: SPG3508

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Product: INGCO 450w Power Spray Gun / Paint Sprayer
Brand: INGCO
Model: SPG3508

Specifications :

  • Input Power : 450 W
  • Voltage : 220 – 240 V ~ 50 / 60 Hz
  • Spraying Pressure : 0.1 – 0.2 Bar
  • Max. Viscosity : 50 DIN-s
  • Max. Flow : 380 ml / min
  • Container Capacity : 800 ml

Video Demonstration

Accessories :

  • 1 x viscosity measuring cup
  • 1 x nozzle cleaning needle


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The INGCO products have the special characteristic of aiding the smooth functioning with a wide range of machinery, and they support the reliability, safety, and efficiency of the machines into which they are incorporated . The INGCO regards its fundamental corporate activity as contributing to smoothly running safe societies, protection of the global environment, and the realization of sustainable societies through the supply of those products through the main business.
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