Meite T50SA Air Brad Nailer

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Product: Meite Brad Nail Gun
Brand: Meite
Model: T50SA

Nails used: T20, T25, T38, T32, T50

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Product: Meite Brad Nailer
Brand: Meite
Model: T50SA


  • Weight: 1.86 kg
  • Air Pressure: 6-8 kgf/cm²
  • Capacity:100 pcs
  • Accept 15-50mm length brad nails with 1.6×1.4mm width and thickness.
  • Nails used: T20, T25, T38, T32, T50
  • Made in China


  • T50 are Pneumatic Air Nail Guns used in the Furniture Making to drive nails into the wood. It provides fast work and increases the finishing and the productivity of your work.
  • Among many Nail Gun, Meiti Nails Gun are widely and most recommended by furniture maker.

Important Note:

  • Air Compressor is used for this Nail Gun. Air compressor can be any size depending on the length and level of your work. Preferably, minimum 60litre compressor.
  • Product does not come with any warranty or guarantee. The longevity completely relies on the use and care taken by the user.



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Meite is a leading company in professional pneumatic nailers & staplers, pneumatic tools and accessories etc. in China. Meite products are widely used in the furniture manufacturing industry, home furnishing industry, construction industry, packaging industry, home appliance industry, automobile industry and animal husbandry, etc. Meite has a mature and efficient distribution network in major cities across the country, and its products are exported to more than 60 countries.
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