TOTAL 3kW Generator

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Product: TOTAL 3kW Generator (3000 watt)
Brand: TOTAL
Model: TP13005

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Product: TOTAL 3kW Generator
Brand: TOTAL
Model: TP13005


  • Rated voltage (V): 220-240
  • Rated frequency (Hz): 50
  • Max. output (kW): 3.0
  • Rated output (kW): 2.8
  • Rated speed (rpm): 3000
  • Engine: 4-stroke OHV
  • Fuel: Octane /Petrol (use unleaded gasoline)
  • Starting System: Recoil + Electric. The battery recharges while the generator is in operation. The battery charge lasts up to six months.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 15 L
  • Continuous operating hours: 10
  • Engine oil capacity : 0.6 litre

To start:
1. turn the engine switch position to “Run”.
2. turn the AC circuit breaker to “OFF”
3. Open the fuel Valve to “ON” (six O’Clock position).
4. Set the choke lever to close if the engine is cold.

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