CROWN 1400w Gasoline Brush Cutter

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Product : CROWN 1400w Gasoline Brush Cutter
Brand : Crown
Model : CT20051

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Product : CROWN 1400w Gasoline Brush Cutter
Brand : Crown
Model : CT20051

Crown CT20051 1400W Petrol Brush Cutter Maintaining a well-manicured lawn has never been easier with the Crown CT20051 Petrol Brush Cutter. Designed for both efficiency and precision, this powerful tool is your key to achieving a perfectly trimmed and beautiful outdoor space. Unmatched Power: Equipped with a robust 1400W petrol engine, the Crown CT20051 Petrol Brush Cutter delivers unparalleled power to tackle even the toughest grass and brush. Experience smooth and efficient cutting performance that effortlessly clears overgrown areas with ease. Versatile Cutting: With a 255mm cutting width, the CT20051 Petrol Brush Cutter allows you to cover a larger area in less time. Whether you’re dealing with tall grass, dense shrubs, or unwanted weeds, this versatile tool provides precise and controlled cutting for a pristine finish. Ergonomic Design

Specification :

  • Power output : 1400 W
  • Idling speed : 3000+-200 minˉ1
  • Engine characteristics : 1 cylinder – 2 stroke – Air cooling
  • Engine displacement : 51.7 cm3
  • Blade cutting width : 255 mm
  • Nylon line cutting width : 430 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity : 1100 ml
  • Weight : 8 kg

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