Crown 400W Electric Paint Gun

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Product : Crown 400W Electric Paint Gun
Brand : Crown
Model : CT31013

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Product : Crown 400W Electric Paint Gun
Brand : Crown
Model : CT31013

Crown 400W Electric Paint Gun 2-3mm  CT31013 is a high volume of air surrounds the spray jet ejected under low pressure. The air cap provides very fine atomization with the lowest spray mist. The coating material is applied to the object quickly and exactly. In addition, the airflow shortens the drying time of the coating material. This achieves a perfect spray result while reducing the amount of coating material, which is therefore environmentally friendly.


Amperage at voltage                                      230 V: 1.5 A
Power                                                                400 W
Flow rate                                                          800 ml/min
Tank capacity                                                  9ml
Nozzle diameter                                              2/2.5/3 mm
Principle of operation                                    air
Max viscosity                                                   70 DIN
Net weight                                                        1.5 kg
Dimensions without packaging                   280x135x260 mm
Compressor type                                             built-in
For water based paint                                    yes
For varnish                                                       yes
For wood protective compounds                 yes
For paint fixer                                                  yes
For stain                                                            yes
For primer                                                        yes
For enamel paints                                           yes

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